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You're seeing this message because it has been more than three hours since you last signed into Swingular and you did not click the "Log Out" button at the end of your session. We display this message and ask that you log in again as a safeguard for Swingular members, specifically ones who use public or shared computers.

If you repeatedly receive this message, or are repeatedly cycled back to the sign-in screen with no error message after entering your ID and password, then the problem you're having may be caused by a difficulty setting your user cookie. A cookie is a small piece of information stored by your browser to help identify who you are. Swingular uses cookies to keep you logged into your account as you move from page to page. If your cookie isn't being accepted correctly, you'll be logged out of your account as soon as you try to log in. This will block you from signing in or staying signed in.

There are a number of reasons why your cookie may not be set properly. We have listed the possible reasons and their solutions below. We recommend trying the steps in order as they are listed from easiest to fix to most difficult.

  • The date on your computer is set incorrectly. Since cookies rely on dates, a computer with an incorrect date may mislead your browser into forgetting about your cookie. To fix this, set the correct time and date on your computer.

  • You have installed an application that monitors/blocks cookies from being sent. These include virus protection software, etc. To remedy this, simply disable the monitoring application before logging in or allow your application to accept cookies from Swingular.

  • You are behind a firewall that doesn't allow you to receive cookies. This is sometimes the case for users connecting from a business intranet that limits cookie acceptance for security reasons. Contact your system administrator to see if this is the case. If you have a personal firewall, check your settings and allow your program to accept cookies from Swingular.

  • Your browser is not set to accept cookies. Most browsers have the option of accepting all cookies, showing an alert before accepting a cookie, or not accepting cookies at all. In order to use Swingular, your browser must be set to accept all cookies without alerts. Don't select the option that will display an alert before accepting cookies.  Below are the setting instructions for several popular browser types. When making adjustments, be sure to confirm any changes you make by clicking the "OK" button in the Options windows.


    • Internet Explorer 6.x: Click "Tools," "Internet Options," and then select the "Privacy" tab. Move the slider up or down depending upon the desired level of security you would like.

    • Internet Explorer 5.x: Click "Tools," then "Internet Options." Select the "Security" tab and click the button labeled "Custom Level" Scroll down to Cookies and make sure that the box next to "Accept cookies" is checked.

    • Internet Explorer 4.x: Click "View," "Internet Options," and then "Advanced." Make sure "Always accept cookies" is checked.

    • Netscape 4.x: Click "Edit," "Preferences," and then "Advanced." Make sure the setting "Accept all cookies" is checked.

    • Internet Explorer 5.x for Mac: Click "Edit" and select the "Preferences" option. Under "Receiving Files," select "Cookies." Next to "When receiving cookies:" select the level of cookie acceptance. Click "OK" to finish.

    • Netscape 4.x for Mac: Select the "Edit" menu and then click "Preferences." Scroll down to "Advanced" and make sure that the box next to "Accept cookies" is checked.


  • Your browser's cookie files are corrupted. Sometimes corrupted cookie files won't support Swingular. Try shutting all of your browser's windows, and then deleting the cookie files in your browser's directories. Usually, these files will be called simply "Cookies." As always, be sure that you have selected the proper files before actually deleting them.

  • Your browser is corrupted. If the above suggestions haven't helped you to solve the problem, it may be that your browser itself is corrupted. The easiest solution may be to try another browser (if you have one) on your computer. You may wish to reinstall your current browser as well by finding the original installation file and repeating the install process. As a last resort, you can download a new browser or an updated version of your present browser, from the Web. ** Please note that this may take a while, depending on your modem speed.